Spare Parts

Stainless Thermometers
These are high quality, Miljoco thermometers. All stainless construction, rear calibration/adjustment, 1/2" MPT rear connections, glass bezel. 0-250F (0-120C) Scaling, with graduations at every 2 degrees. We offer a 2" stem and a 6" stem.
1/2" Stainless Racking Canes
These are the real deal racking canes. 1/2" 304 stainless steel cut to 24" at the bend. With the tip installed, these will easily reach the bottom of a converted keg and rest over the top, leaving ounces of wort remaining in the keggle. Add 5' of tubing a reusable qwik-clamp for the complete siphon package.
Racking Cane
Stainless Nipple
Replacement stainless nipple in all 3 sizes we offer: close fit, 1.5", 2"
Stainless Full Coupling
Provides a way to add a dip tube, manifold, or boil screen to a weldless fitting. These are full couplings made of quality 304 stainless.
Full Coupling
Stainless 1/2" Elbow
High quality, 316 stainless steel 90 degree elbow. Female 1/2" pipe threads on both ends.
Stainless Elbow
Stainless 1/2" Tee
High quality, 316 stainless steel tee. Female 1/2" pipe threads on all ends.
Stainless Tee
Stainless Washer
Replacement stainless washers. ID slightly larger than 1/2" to allow 1/2" nipples to pass. Get extras if you need to take up some room on a fitting
Stainless Washer
Stainless Barb Adapter
1/2" MPT to 1/2" Hose barb. Makes a great addition to any weldless fitting set to attach hose to the end of your ball valve.
Hose Barb Adapter
Replacement Polycarbonate Tubing
These are 19" replacement tubes for our sightglass kits. Great for a replacement, or for building your own.
Polycarbonate Tubing
Stainless Locknut
High quality, 304 stainless lock nuts. These feature a unique groove on one side to hold the o-ring in place, substaintially reducing the chance of leaks. Sized to fit 1/2" pipe thread, these are heavy duty and provide a very secure fit.
Hi-temp O-ring
Hi-temp o-ring to seal up fittings. Handy to have extra for emergencies.
Hi-temp O-ring
Stainless Full Port Ball Valve, 1/2"
High quality, 316 stainless, full port valves provide a 1/2" flow pathway through the entire length. Coated handle with locking tab. Pickup a hose barb adapter to complete your setup!
Stainless Ball Valve
Teflon Tape
Don't forget the teflon tape. All threads must be wrapped in tape to prevent leaks.
Teflon Tape